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Portable systems eliminating barriers
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VR16 / 1,6m - Feal
Ref. VR16
Rampa portátil, dobrável, comprimento total 160cm; comprimento dobrada 82cm, largura interna 82cm, peso16Kg, peso máximo 400Kg.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
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U2 - Feal
Ref. U2
Rampas portáteis telescópicas, comprimento total 202cm; largura interna 19cm, peso 5,6Kg, peso máximo 300Kg.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
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E2 - Feal
Ref. E 2
Rampas portáteis dobráveis, comprimento total 201cm; largura interna 27cm, peso 7,5Kg, peso máximo 300Kg
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
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V20 - Feal
Ref. V20
Rampas portáteis dobráveis, comprimento total 200cm; largura interna 21cm, peso 6,3Kg, peso máximo 300Kg.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
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There is accessibility when no obstacle or architectural barrier prevents us from moving forward. In this section you can find several solutions for homes, stairs and cars that facilitate the day-to-day of disabled people, knocking down all obstacles and architectural barriers.
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